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Simple Bass Amp Stand 


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Simple Bass Amp Stand 

Written By: The Breakmaker 

-/ TOOLS: 

Drill (1) 
Hacksaw (1) 


A4-size wood (2) 
Wooden dowel (1) 

Step 1 — Simple Bass Amp Stand 

~ i —J 

• You will need two pieces of wood 
210x297mm (that's the dimensions 
of A4 paper), three dowels (their 
length depends on how big your 
amp is), a hacksaw and a drill. 

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Simple Bass Amp Stand 

Step 2 

• You will cut a triangle from its 
piece of wood and find some other 
use for it because we don't need it. 

Step 3 

• Then you will need to drill three, I 
repeat, three holes. Not four holes, 
neither five; six is out of the 
question. Three will be the number 
of the holes that need to be drilled. 

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Simple Bass Amp Stand 

Step 4 

• Once the holes are drilled (hopefully you used a drill that is big enough to accommodate 
the dowels), you insert the dowels in the holes, all three of them, and glue them. And you 
have the final product. 

• The wood pieces are of A4 size so you can easily print the template. 
http://dl.dropbox.eom/u/66138081/amp bas... 

• for more projects and ideas . 

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